Founder / President / Trainer

Daniel Murray


Daniel is a former U.S. Marine and veteran himself. He served eight years as a Marine before becoming a police officer and then a police k9 officer.  He founded K9 Karma due to the high numbers of military personnel suffering from PTSD. He found that these men and women, suffering from PTSD, were being comforted with the use of Service Dogs. He understood how this could be due to his police K9 partner helping with his anxiety problems. Yes, Daniel too suffers from PTSD from his days in the military. Like so many veterans before him, he has learned to deal with  nightmares, and anger. He has wondered, for years, what he could do to help veterans that struggle with PTSD. Ever since Service Dogs were in effect he has been a huge advocate for them. He has now dedicated his life to training Service Dogs to provide for veterans battling PTSD. He is a firm believer in the old military saying of “Leave No Man Behind”. That to him does not just mean leaving a wounded or dead soldier on the battle field. That, to him, means that we will not push aside any veteran that struggles in life once he or she returns home.

 “Unfortunately, for me, there wasn’t any help for the guys returning from Desert Storm or Somalia or any wars before me, like there is today. Back then we were told to “Suck it up! You’re a Marine. It’s what you were trained to do”. Sure we were trained how to fight and kill, but no one is ever trained on how to deal with the aftermath of war. We weren’t provided counseling or Service Dogs. To me, that is just wrong. We are asked, by our country, to do a job and when the job is over we are left to fend for ourselves.”– D. Murray


Stacy Calmese

Co-Founder/Vice President/Communications

Stacy is a wife and mother of 3 wonderful boys. She's been in property management for over 15 yrs. She is a supervisor of several employees. This has taught her a great deal of public relations and how to communicate with different types of personalities. She has great people skills and loves working with everyone. She's always been the type of person who is willing to help people in need.  When Daniel came to her with his vision of helping veterans suffering from PTSD she jumped at the chance to help make a difference. Now she is hoping that you will be willing to take that "right opportunity" that she got and help our veterans.

"I've always wanted to help our veterans that are returning home but never knew what to do for them. I've worked the soup kitchens to help feed the homeless and found that 85% of the men and women that I helped were homeless veterans. It angered me to know that after years of fighting for our country, the government just kinda "tossed" them aside and didn't care where they ended up. Having Military in my family I was always taught, "Leave No Man Behind" no matter what the reason or circumstances are. So growing up I made sure that I would help those around me that had less than I did. If they needed a jacket, I gave them mine. If they needed food, I got them food. I know there wasn't much I could do on my own. I just had to wait for the right opportunity". - S. Calmese